17 Fun Places To Drink In Savannah, GA

September 08, 2022
17 Fun Places To Drink In Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA, is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and lush landscapes. While those are all great reasons to visit the city, Savannah is also home to a lively nightlife scene with plenty of places to drink. If you’re visiting Savannah and you’re looking for a local bar with a view, or something more sophisticated, this list has got you covered. Here are some of the best spots to enjoy a drink in the city.

Fun Places To Drink In Savannah, GA

Below, we list some of the best bars to drink in Savannah, GA:

17. The Fitzroy

The fitzroy

The Fitzroy, located in an old corner building, offers its high-end bottles and mixers along an exposed brick wall. To complete the upscale atmosphere, the dark walls are combined with rich leather stools, wood floors, and turquoise banquettes.

If you take the stairs on your left, you’ll be led to an amazing rooftop with excellent cocktails and wine. If you’re feeling a little hungry, try some of their bar snacks, like curried popcorn. You can also order from the restaurant menu, which has delicious dishes such as fried chicken schnitzel! Even though they have an upscale vibe, they are still the type of place where bartenders know all of the regulars by name. It also has a rooftop bar that overlooks Savannah’s Historic District.

16. Peregrin


The prestigious Perry Lane Hotel is home to the Peregrin. The bar offers stunning views of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge and St. John the Baptist Cathedral, making it an ideal spot to down champagne while watching the sunset.

Frośe is the star of the show when it comes to drinks, but you can also find other frozen cocktails, wine by the glass, and draft beer. When it comes to food, though, it feels like an afterthought— there’s a limited menu with only small bites. The real attraction here is the view and the drinks!

15. Treylor Park

Treylor park

Treylor Park is one of the most popular places to drink in Savannah. The bar has a fun, casual atmosphere with games such as darts, cornhole, and giant Jenga. It’s the perfect place to come with a group of friends for some drinks and laughs.

The drink menu has something for everyone, with beer, wine, cocktails, and even boozy slushies. And if you get hungry, they have a great food menu with burgers, wings, tacos, and more. Just keep in mind that it can get pretty crowded on weekends.

14. Crystal Beer Parlor

Crystal beer parlor

Crystal Beer Parlor is a classic Savannah dive bar that first opened its doors in the 1900s. And it’s been serving up cold beers and good times ever since.

This neighborhood bar has a long list of beers on tap, including local favorites and a wide selection of bottled beers. They also have a full bar if you’re looking for something stronger. The food menu features pub classics like burgers and wings.

If you’re looking for a dive bar with character, Crystal Beer Parlor is the place for you. It’s dark, cramped, and always crowded— but that’s part of its charm.

13. Artillery


Artillery Bar, a Savannah landmark, is ostentatious and has modern interiors which have been renovated from an armory. The design elements are white and dark brown with green banquettes from the past, creating a beautiful merge of old and new.

Their bar game is on point, and you can expect to find champagne, wine, and unique cocktails on the menu at this establishment. However, it’s one of those high-end cocktail bars, and the dress code is semi-formal—no hats or flip-flops allowed. This spot might be considered a little too upscale for some people’s taste.

12. Lone Wolf Lounge

Lone wolf lounge

The Lone Wolf Lounge takes you back to the carefree days of the 1970s with its wall paneling and retro, Caribbean-inspired decor. It is a locals bar that features velvet curtains, palm-print wallpaper, and a large wooden bar. ( A little all over the place in the best way)

The cocktails are exquisite, made with top-shelf liquor and house-made mixers. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for Patient Zero; otherwise, the piña colada is excellent. Don’t forget to check out the wine list, too—they have some great local options.

11. Savannah Tequila Company

Savannah tequila company

The Savannah Tequila Company is a hidden gem tucked away on River Street. This is the perfect place to enjoy a margarita while overlooking the river. The bar has a cozy, intimate feel and offers a variety of tequilas and mezcals, as well as beer and wine.

The bartenders are knowledgeable and passionate about their drinks, so be sure to ask for recommendations. And don’t forget to try the food menu, it is filled with traditional Mexican cuisine!

10. Service Brewing Co.

Service brewing co.

Service Brewing is a huge warehouse and taproom located beneath the Talmadge Bridge with outside tables, open doors, and a large bar lined with taps. The whole atmosphere has an industrial yet contemporary feel to it.

Service Brewing is a must-visit spot for beer enthusiasts from all over the city and beyond. In search of a new pour or an unusual can to add to their collection, visitors descend on Service Brewing from near and afar.

9. Congress Street Social Club

Congress street social club

If you’re looking for a place to socialize and make new friends, look no further than Congress Street Social Club. Just one block away from City Market, this club is always full of life and offers live music.

There are plenty of choices at this bar, with three different bars to choose from – an outdoor patio bar, a ground-level bar, and a basement bar. In addition to the drinks on offer, there are also pool tables and dartboards to keep you entertained.

And if that’s not enough, there’s even an old-fashioned photo booth! The selection of drinks is reasonably priced, and the food menu offers something for everyone.

8. Alley Cat Lounge

Alley cat lounge

The Alley Cat Lounge is an underground space with a speakeasy feel. The lively, low-lit bar has exposed brick walls and ambient lighting that gives it the look of a hidden study. It is such a cute place to go on a date. With over 500 varieties of alcohol, this bar has one of the most extensive cocktail and spirit menus in Savannah and is staffed by some of the city’s finest bartenders.

7. Six Pence Pub

Six pence pub

If you’re looking for an authentic British pub experience in Savannah, look no further than Six Pence Pub. From the moment you see the red phone booth and Union Jack flags out front, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to London.

They serve all your favorite Brit beers like Guinness, Newcastle, and Smithwick’s, and their menu is full of classic hearty dishes like Shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, and salmon. So go ahead and order a pint (or two) – you won’t be disappointed.

6. A-J’s Dockside Restaurant

A-j's dockside restaurant

AJ’s is the ideal place to unwind, smell the saltwater, and gaze at Tybee Creek and the Atlantic Ocean. The bar features unparalleled vistas of the Florida Keys and an only-in-Savannah atmosphere thanks to bright umbrellas, walls, decking, and tables. In the summer months, this area becomes a tourist attraction with people in tank tops and sunburns.

5. The Public Kitchen & Bar

The public kitchen & bar

The Public Kitchen & Bar is located on the corner of Liberty and Bull Streets and has a rooftop dining area that overlooks downtown Savannah. The midcentury-modern decor sets the stage for trendy cocktails and an eclectic selection of American menu items. It’s one of the best places to watch the sunset over the city.

4. The Wyld

The wyld

At The Wyld, there’s an outside bar overlooking the creek, as well as lights, fire pits, and the scent of the tidal flat. However, being able to boat straight up makes this seem like a unique Lowcountry experience.

The slushie and sangria are some of their most ordered drinks, but there are also traditional spirits, glasses of wine, and mostly domestic (with some craft) beer on the menu. And while most dock-bar grub is available here, dishes like quail-and-rabbit sausage, steamed banana-leaf fish tacos, and local shrimp rolls offer something new.

3. The Original Pinkie Masters

The original pinkie masters

The Original Pinkie Masters is a classic, cash-only establishment with old-school décor and neon PBR signs, as well as multi-colored string lights and tastefully tacky decor. This bar also offers some pretty cheap drinks and a cool vibe.

The Original Pinkie Masters dive may not look like much from the outside, but it has a lot of character–Jimmy Carter even once gave a speech here. If it’s good enough for a President, then it’s definitely good enough for the average beer drinker.

2. Rocks On The Roof

Rocks on the roof

Head down to Rocks on the Roof if you want amazing views of the Savannah River, River Street, and Downtown Savannah while enjoying some delicious cocktails and tapas. Highlights from their menu include boiled peanut hummus, duck wings, and many other delightful options.

1. The Chocolate Martini Bar

The chocolate martini bar

The Chocolate Martini Bar is a unique and elegant spot, perfect for a night out on the town. Our bartenders are skilled in the art of mixology and create some of the most amazing craft cocktails you’ll ever taste.

Our chocolate martinis are, of course, our specialty, but we also make a mean cosmopolitan. If you’re looking to impress your date or celebrate a special occasion, the Chocolate Martini Bar is the place to be.

We also have an exquisite private dining room, amazing food, and top-notch customer service! Make sure you schedule your reservation in advance to get the best possible table.

5 Tips For Selecting The Best Drinks For You

People chilling in a bar

When you’re out at a bar, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your drink. First, what type of mood are you in? If you’re looking to relax and take it easy, then go for something light, like a beer or wine. If you’re feeling adventurous, try something new from the cocktail menu.

Second, what’s your budget? If you’re trying to save money, stick to happy hour specials or go for a less expensive option like draft beer. If price isn’t an issue, then splurge on that fancy bottle of champagne or rare scotch.

Third, how much alcohol do you want to consume? If you’re looking to get buzzed, then go for something stronger, like a cocktail or spirit. If you’re just looking to take the edge off, then stick to something lighter like wine or beer.

Fourth, how long do you want to be drinking? If you’re looking to make a night of it, then go for something that will last, like a beer or mixed drink. If you’re just looking for a quick drink before moving on to the next bar, then go for something like a shot or a glass of wine.

Finally, consider your own personal preferences. What type of flavors do you like? What do you usually drink at home? Keep all of these factors in mind when making your selection, and you’re sure to find the perfect drink for you.


There are a lot of great places to drink in Savannah, so it’s hard to go wrong no matter where you end up. However, if you’re looking for the best possible experience, then be sure to check out The Chocolate Martini Bar. From classic cocktails to tasty meals, our bar has something for everyone.

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