Outdoor Dining In Pooler, GA

June 02, 2022
Outdoor Dining In Pooler, GA

What’s not to love about outdoor dining in Pooler, GA? The warm weather, the opportunity to soak up some vitamin D, the leisurely pace of conversation with friends – all while enjoying a delicious meal. Whether you’re looking for a spot to try out good food or just dreaming of summer days ahead, read on for everything you need to know about outdoor dining.

What Is Outdoor Dining?

Outdoor dining is simply eating a meal outside. This can be at a restaurant with an outdoor patio or in your own backyard. Many people enjoy outdoor dining because it allows them to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful weather.

Brief History Of Outdoor Dining

An outdoor dining space

Lords who hunted for pleasure in the Middle Ages held hunting feasts outside, and for much of history, hosting outdoor banquets was a pastime reserved for the wealthy. In the 18th century, wealthy Americans purchased personal garden tickets so that they might have access to outdoor dining. Picnics only became widespread among social classes in the Victorian era.

In the early 1900s, a seaside restaurant in Coney Island began selling hot dogs and prompting people to eat their meals outside. Soon, more and more food vendors provided outdoor seating, especially in popular vacation destinations such as Coney Island.

Outdoor Dining Today

There’s now a complete culture around outdoor dining. People seem to like eating al fresco more than ever before, whether for the distinctive ambiance or just to get some fresh air during lunch.

Benefits Of Outdoor Dining

People having a meal outside

There are many benefits of outdoor dining, both for businesses and customers.

You Get to Enjoy Fresh Air

There are several advantages to eating outside. But we can’t begin with anything other than fresh air. Instead of the stale, recirculated indoor air, you get a new breath when you eat outside instead. Eating outside is also an opportunity to stay healthy during a monotonous and unhealthy work routine.

Natural Surroundings Can Help You Relax

The hustle and bustle of the city can be quite stressful. And when you’re trying to have a good time with your family or friends, the last thing you want is more stress.

When you’re dining outside, you’re surrounded by nature – trees, flowers, grass. These natural surroundings can help you relax and de-stress after a long day at work. The beauty of nature has a way of calming us down and making us appreciate the simple things in life.

You Get More Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that our bodies need to function properly. It helps our bodies absorb calcium, which is important for strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D also plays a role in immune system function, cell growth, and reducing inflammation.

You can get vitamin D from exposure to sunlight. And what better way to get some sun than to enjoy a meal outdoors? Just make sure you’re using sunscreen!

Eating Outdoors Keep You Social

When you’re dining outside, you’re more likely to interact with other people. This is because outdoor seating arrangements are usually quite close together. As a result, you may end up making some new friends!

Sleep Quality Improvement

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. And one of the best ways to get deep, restful sleep is by getting enough sunlight during the day.

Exposure to sunlight helps regulate our bodies’ natural sleep cycles. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, try spending more time outdoors during the day. Who knows, a little alfresco dining might be all you need to get a good night’s sleep.

Benefits For Businesses

People having lunch outdoors

It Increases Foot Traffic

Outdoor seating is a great way to increase foot traffic, especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic. By setting up tables and chairs on the sidewalk or in a park, you’re more likely to attract passersby than if you were only relying on indoor seating.

This is especially beneficial for businesses that are located in busy areas such as downtowns or near tourist attractions. If your business is in a less busy area, outdoor seating can still attract attention from people driving or walking by.

It Creates A More Inviting Atmosphere

An outdoor dining area can make your business more inviting, especially if it’s well-designed and decorated. This is because an outdoor space gives the impression that your business is open and welcoming.

People are also more likely to spend time at your business if there’s an outdoor seating area because they can enjoy the fresh air and scenery. So, not only will you get more customers, but you’ll also get them to stick around longer!

It Can Help You Stand Out From the Competition

If your competitors don’t have an outdoor dining area, then you have a chance to stand out from the crowd. An outdoor seating area can make your business look more modern and up-to-date, which can attract customers who are looking for a new place to try.

It’s important to note that not all businesses are suited for outdoor dining. If you’re considering adding an outdoor seating area to your business, make sure it makes sense for your type of business and location. For example, if you’re a fine dining restaurant in the middle of a bustling city, an outdoor seating area may not be the best choice.

But if you’re an eatery, then an outdoor seating area could be just what you need to attract new customers and grow your business!

What Events Work Well For Outdoor Dining?

A wedding reception

Now that we’ve gone over some of the benefits of outside dining let’s talk about what events work well in this type of setting.

One of the great things about outside dining is that it can be used for various events. Here are just a few examples:

Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are a great way to take advantage of outside dining. By hosting the party at an outdoor restaurant or cafe, you can avoid having to rent out a space or clean up your house afterward.

Not to mention, most people love being able to enjoy some fresh air on their birthday! If you’re looking for a unique and memorable birthday party venue, consider an outdoor eatery.

Small Wedding Receptions

Wedding receptions are another event that can be easily accommodated by outside dining. Many couples choose to have their reception at a park or garden, but an outdoor restaurant is also a great option.

If you’re planning a small wedding reception, an outdoor restaurant with a patio may be the perfect choice. This type of setting is intimate and romantic, and it can be a great way to save money on your reception venue.

Business Meetings

Outdoor dining is also a great option for business meetings. If you’re looking for a relaxed and informal setting, an outdoor cafe is a great choice. This type of setting can help encourage creativity and brainstorming, as it’s less formal than a traditional meeting space.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about renting out a meeting room or dealing with the noise level of an indoor restaurant.

Retirement parties, baby showers, anniversaries and engagement parties are also well-suited for outdoor dining. If you’re planning an event, consider an outdoor setting to make it extra special!

Best Spot For Outdoor Dining In Pooler, GA

The chocolate bar

If you’re looking for a great outdoor dining spot in Pooler, GA, check out The Chocolate Bar! Our restaurant offers a variety of unique and delicious menu options and a wide selection of wine and, of course, martinis.

We provide patio dining reservation experiences that are perfect for any special event or occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries.

Patio Dining Information:

  • For parties 15 and under, the reservation deposit is $250.
  • For parties with 16 to 25 guests, a $500 deposit is required.
  • While parties above 25 guests will bring the total to $750.

Address/location: We are located at 1 N. Godley Station BLVD, Pooler, GA 31322.

Our reservations do take priority At The Chocolate Bar. We strongly suggest you contact us and make a reservation before your arrival. You can do that by clicking on “Book Now” on the website! Stop in to enjoy popular cuisines or order for pickup at (912) 348-2100.

Come experience the best patio dining in Pooler, GA! Make your reservation today.

Other Outdoor Dining Restaurants In GA

1. Metro Diner- 200 Tanger Outlets Blvd Suite 200 Pooler, GA 31322

2. Dairy Queen Grill & Chill- 5004 Augusta Rd, Garden City, GA 31408

3. Your Pie Pizza- 960 Morgan’s Corner Road, Pooler, GA

4. Texas Roadhouse- 101 Outlet Parkway Pooler, GA 31322 (912) 748-7878

5. Flacos House-1117 S Rogers St, Pooler, GA 31322, United States

6. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop- 7002 State Highway 21, Port Wentworth, GA 31407


Outdoor dining is a great way to enjoy good food and company while getting some fresh air. There are many benefits to outdoor dining, including the fact that it can be used for a variety of events. If you’re looking for a great spot for outdoor dining in Pooler GA, be sure to check out The Chocolate Bar!

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