Private Dining Experience At The Chocolate Bar

March 25, 2022
Private Dining At The Chocolate Bar

Are you looking to impress your date or planning a special event? Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner for two or a group gathering, The Chocolate Martini Bar’s private dining experience is perfect for any occasion.

Our talented chefs will work with you to create a delectable menu, and our professional staff will take care of all the details, so you can relax and enjoy your evening.

In this article, we will discuss how you can book a private dining experience at The Chocolate Bar Savannah and list all the important details. We will also give you tips and tricks to help you have a flawless dining experience.

What is a Private Dining Experience?


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Before we talk about the types of events best suited for private dining rooms, let’s explain what private dining is. A Private dining experience is when you have a meal at a restaurant, but the event is not open to the public.

This could be for business or personal reasons. Usually, people will book a private dining room at a restaurant for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, etc.

However, you can also book a private dining room for business or private events such as corporate lunches, team-building dinners, or client entertaining. Private dining experiences are becoming more and more popular because they offer a unique and exclusive experience that you cannot get at a regular restaurant. It is usually pre-planned, and the menu, wine, and other details are carefully selected to create a memorable experience for the guests.

The Best Private Dining Service Experience In Pooler, GA


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The Chocolate Martini Bar Services is one of the best private dining services you can consider. Our restaurant offers a variety of unique and delicious menu options and a wide selection of wine and, of course, martinis.

We provide private dining rooms and patio dining reservation experiences to make things easier for you. A $250 non-refundable deposit (applied toward the bill) is required for private dining. This plan seats a maximum of 15 people.

Suppose you opt for the patio dining;

  • For parties of 15 and under, the reservation deposit is $250.
  • For parties with 16 to 25 guests, a $500 deposit is required.
  • While parties above 25 guests will bring the total to $750.

NoteAll private dining deposits are non-refundable (Applied toward bill)


The Chocolate Martini Bar Reviews


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Our restaurant has an extensive list of reviews and ratings online, so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible service. Here are some reviews from previous customers:

Courtney Williams (Google Verified Review) shares:

“We made a reservation and we’re sat down quickly. Our server was very nice and had great recommendations on the best foods and drinks for us to try. She checked on us several times and so did the manager. The drinks were amazing. There was a longer wait as usual for the food but it came out fresh and was delicious. We will certainly be back again!”

Amber Sunshine (Google Verified Review) gave a 5-star rating and said:

“It is very pretty, and I like the indoor and outdoor seating with the lights and pond. I ordered the Bourbon ginger glazed salmon & White chocolate martini. The salmon was delicious, the sauce and Mango made a great pair with the asparagus, and the potatoes were cooked perfectly.

The white chocolate martini was something strong. I like the fact that they made a note to drink responsibly, and they will call you a cab if needed very thoughtful. Overall the setting, music, and food were delicious.”


Why Should You Consider a Private Dining Experience?

Now that you know what a private dining experience is, let’s discuss why you should consider having one for your next event or party.

There are many benefits to having a private dining experience, but the most important one is that it allows you to have a more intimate and personal event.

When you book a private room at a restaurant, you can rest assured knowing that your event will not be interrupted by other diners or customers. This means that you and your guests can relax and focus on your celebration without worrying about your discussion being drowned by the conversation of other guests.

Another benefit of private dining is that it allows you to have more control over the menu, wine list, and other meal details. You can work with the chef to create a custom menu that will suit your taste and budget.

You can also choose the wines that you want to serve at your event, which is perfect if you have specific wine preferences or are hosting a wine-tasting party.

Finally, private dining experiences are often more affordable than people think. Many restaurants offer special packages for private events that include the cost of the room, food, and wine. So, if you are looking for a unique and intimate event that is also affordable, then a private dining experience is perfect for you.


What Kind of Events Are Best Suited for Private Dining?

Now that you know what private dining is and why you should consider it for your next event let’s talk about the best events for private dining.

You can use a private dining service for almost all events, especially if you want some privacy and exclusivity. However, some events work particularly well with private dining.

One event that is perfect for private dining is a corporate lunch or dinner. If you are entertaining clients or hosting a business meeting, having a private room will allow you to have a more professional and intimate event.

Another event that is well-suited for private dining is a team-building dinner. If you are looking for a way to bonding with your colleagues, then a private dinner is the perfect solution. An event like this is important to the growth of your business or organization.

You can also use private dining for more personal events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or engagement parties. A private room will allow you to have a more close-knit event that your guests will remember for years to come.


What Can You Expect From the Private Dining Process?


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You may be wondering about the kind of process that goes into private dining. Honestly, this process can be hectic if you don’t know how to plan it well.

The first thing you need to do is consider the size of your event, the menu, and your budget. Once you have established this, contact us and book a private room. This is usually done through the restaurant’s website or by calling us directly. When you book a private room, you will need to provide us with some basic information such as the date, time, and the number of guests (ensure you check errors). You will also need to pay a deposit to hold the room.

Once you have booked the room, you will need to start planning the details of your event. This includes choosing a menu, wine list, and any other special requests that you have. We will then provide you with a document that outlines the details of your event. This is important to review so that you understand what is included in the price and what is not.

Once everything is finalized, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your event! Private dining experiences are fun and stress-free, so don’t worry about anything.


Tips On Planning a Hitch-free Private Dining

From the process already mentioned above, We are sure you feel confident about planning a private dining event now. But before you proceed, here are some actionable tips to help you plan hitch-free private dining.

  1. First, make sure you book with us early, especially if you are planning a private dining event during peak season. Private dining rooms are usually in high demand, so you will need to book well in advance to ensure that you get the date and time.
  2. Also, be clear about your budget from the start. Make sure that you clearly understand what you can and cannot afford. This will help you narrow down your options and make the planning process much easier.
  3. In addition, choose a menu that is both unique and delicious. Private dining experiences are all about creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, so make sure that your menu is reflective of that.
  4. Don’t forget to review the contract from us. This is an important step that should not be overlooked. You need to make sure that you understand what is included in the price and what is not.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your private dining experience will be a success!



Private dining experiences are perfect for any event you want to be extra special. Whether it is a milestone birthday, an important work meeting, or just a get-together with friends, booking the services of a private dining restaurant will make your event unforgettable.

The Chocolate Martini Bar offers private dining services for all types of events.

Address/location: We are located at 1 N. Godley Station BLVD, Pooler, GA 31322.

Our reservations do take priority At The Chocolate Bar. We strongly suggest you contact us and make a reservation before your arrival. You can do that by clicking on “Book Now” on the website! Stop in to enjoy all our unique flavors or order for pickup at (912) 348-2100.

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